Join the Omega Home Network

The Omega Home Network facilitates a grassroots effort to spread the model and educate communities about living well through dying. Formerly known as the Social Hospice Network, we changed our name to embrace the word Omega and its symbolism as the last, best, or final nature of something. The Omega Home Network unites us, sharing common values and structure. 

Membership Benefits:

  • Omega Home Start-up Manual
  • Discounted conference fees
  • Forum access and participation
  • Monthly eNewsletter
  • Interactive webinars
  • Peer Support
  • Association with a proven, successful model
  • Participation in an innovative national movement in care of the dying
  • Access to the Network collective experience and knowledge

Membership Criteria

Omega Homes provide a non-medical, comfort-based, supportive level of care.

  • Must have nonprofit status and provide proof of nonprofit 501c3 status for organization or for sponsoring organization, or provide proof of intent to file for nonprofit status within the first year of membership.
  • Must serve persons with a terminal illness with an emphasis on individual and family-centered end-of-life care in a home environment.
  • 24/7 care is provided by a combination of paid and volunteer staff.
  • Must not be a medical hospice provider but collaborates with local medical hospices, who provide medical care/case management
  • Must adhere to the Omega Home Network Core Values

Annual Membership Fees:

Full or partial scholarships available

  • $500 Home Member – Open to operating non-profit community homes for end-of-life care. Unlimited individual participation
  • $250 Associate Member – Open to developing projects and incorporated organizations actively working to establish a home and homes that have been open for five years or less. Unlimited individual participation
  • $100 Individual Member – Open to individuals exploring the model