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Through keynote, large group and breakout sessions, this three-day conference is a hub of knowledge exchange, networking opportunities and peer support. Our vision for this year is one of fresh ideas and energy; we will introduce a contemplative approach to the overall experience by weaving in themes of emotional wellbeing and self-care while also focusing on the nuts and bolts of creating and sustaining an Omega Home.

Full Conference Pass: $300
Member Price: $200

Pre-Conference Boot Camp and Executive Sessions $100*

*Sessions focusing on best practice in operational, organizational and fundraising topics.
Boot Camp Sessions are open to leaders of start-ups and newer homes.
Executive Sessions are open to established and experienced homes.

Why attend the conference?

Best-Practice Training

The conference showcases workshops and educational sessions featuring 15+ topics presented by local and OHN experts. Model-specific topics guide attendees through the ins and outs of creating and sustaining an Omega Home.

Peer Connection

Immerse yourself in a group of like-minded individuals who challenge and support you. The best resource for Omega Homes is the expertise of our members who are willing to share their advice, experience and knowledge.

Support from OHN

You'll have the opportunity to network with OHN board members and leaders. We're dedicated to ensuring your success and are proud to support you through every stage of an Omega Home.

Omega Home Site Visit

Visit the local Abbie Hunt Bryce Home to see how they have sustained 20 years of care.

Explore Indianapolis

There is something for everyone in Indianapolis! From arts and live music to sports and shopping, you'll discover that Indy has more to offer than you ever imagined. Visit Indy!

Session Topics

Financial Stewardship: Strategic Nonprofit Budgeting for Sustainable Impact
Cultivating Empowerment: Unleashing Potential through Nonprofit Board of Directors Development
Omega Home: A Project Post-Mortem
A Panel on Scheduling Staff and Volunteers
Building a Lasting Legacy: Navigating Nonprofit Succession Planning for a Seamless Transition
360-Approach to Fundraising – Creating a Comprehensive, Broad-based Fundraising Plan
Exploring writing styles: Grant Writing
Exploring writing styles: Creative Writing for Marketing
Navigating the Nuts and Bolts of Optimal Coverage and Risk Management
Beyond Numbers: Harnessing Insights with Data Tracking and Analysis for Social Model Hospice Homes
Strategies for Understanding Family Dynamics, Effective Communication and De-escalation
Policy Crafting Mastery: Drafting Clear, Effective and Impactful Policies
An Exploration of Contemplative End-of-Life Care and Compassionate Presence
Caring for the Caregiver: Nurturing Wellbeing and Resilience in End-of-Life Support
Skills-Building Workshop: Sticky Situations
*sessions subject to change

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