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Serenity Village of Barry County

PO Box 414
Hastings, MI 49058


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Serenity Village of Barry County

Serenity Village is a nonprofit organization located in Hastings, MI. It is an alternative residence for end of life patients whose care can no longer be provided in their home by their families or other caregivers. Often, this is due to caregiver exhaustion, burn out, or inadequate family support. Families or other caregivers will be encouraged to continue to provide as much care for the resident as they desire and are able. However, they will have the opportunity to leave their loved ones in the hands of Serenity staff while they leave to rest or do other things. Serenity Village relies on donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and families/estates who choose to donate. All medical care will be provided by external palliative care providers, arranged by the family of the patient.

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