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Sarah House

2612 Modoc Rd
Santa Barbara, CA 93105


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Sarah House

Since 1991, Sarah House has provided 24-hour residential care to the most vulnerable individuals and families throughout the Central Coast. We began with HIV/AIDS care, but in 2005 Sarah House opened its doors to low-income people of our community, whatever their hospice diagnosis. Generally, people live at Sarah House from a few days to several months.

Sarah House has eight bedrooms. On move-in days, nails are hammered into the wall, pictures are hung, mementos are put throughout the room. Some people even bring their favorite recliner. And so from the morning people awaken for the first time, they at once see in their bedrooms something of their lives, of who they are. And the photos and treasures give immediate clues about these people who are now trusting us to help them through the rest of their lives.

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