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Heart of Mary House

200 Thompson Lane
Nashville, TN 37211


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Heart of Mary House

The Heart of Mary House was established in 2022 on the campus of St. Edward Church and School. The mission of Heart of Mary House is to provide a safe, comfortable, and peaceful home-like setting for people, who are within the last three months of their lives. Each resident is under the medical care of a hospice agency, has a DNR, and has a prognosis of three months or less. These residents are either not able to remain in their own homes or have no home at all. The residents may not have family, who are able to care for them during this time, or their family may be experiencing circumstances that make it too difficult to provide the care the resident needs. Admission is based on need regardless of race, gender, religion, or age. The Heart of Mary House is a Catholic organization, which upholds the teachings of the Magisterium. Heart of Mary House will have the ability to care for up to four residents at any given time.

Heart of Mary House is a non-profit and is dependenton the generosity of volunteersand donors to fulfill its mission. Volunteers help with household needs like cleaning, cooking, laundry, companionship, praying, reading, and hands-on care if desired by the volunteer.  All residents receive care free-of-charge. The non-profit relies completely on funds raised through community contributions.

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