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Hospeace House

7824 W Hollow Rd
Naples, NY 14512

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Hospeace House

Hospeace House provides 24-hour support for those who are terminally ill and their families in a loving, comfortable home. Hospeace House operates as an extension of the family, and in conjunction with nursing agencies to provide comfort care at the end of life. At Hospeace House, the needs of the person come first and we ensure dignity throughout their remaining days. They work to alleviate pain and suffering for both the resident and their family. Many of the staff and volunteers have experienced and understand the challenges of caring for a loved one. Hospeace House hopes to help lessen those challenges by supporting the family during their journey.

There is no cost to the families that they serve, nor do they receive any reimbursement from insurance companies. Hospeace House is funded solely by donations, fundraising, memorial contributions, and through the generosity of our community.

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