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Friends of Hospice - Serenity House

421 N High Street
Morristown, TN 37816


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Friends of Hospice - Serenity House

Serenity House End-of-Life Care Home provides an alternative care resource in a home-like setting to hospice patients who are not able to remain in their own homes at the end of life. Serenity House serves three residents at a time. Each resident must be under the care of Hospice (who continues to provide professional care as if they were in their own home), have a life expectancy of three months or less (average length of stay is three weeks) and must be a DNR.

Residents are most usually those without financial resources to hire in-home assistance or to pay for nursing home care; have a frail caregiver or working caregiver who is not able to provide care or afford to take time off to care for their loved one; or those with no family support at all. Care is provided at no cost to the patients, however, donations are encouraged to help assist with daily cost of care. There is a minimal weekly fee of $150.00 for household maintenance costs. This fee may be increased or decreased based on resident’s financial circumstances.

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